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Thread: [th12] MAX OFFENSE 2183 war stars and 2886 war stars looking for CWL

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    Ohio, USA

    Would love to have you for the next season since this one is well underway.

    Level 18
    - 9,363/18,500| Master I
    BloodyIrishman - TH12 [Level 206] - #2 in TH12 Hall of Fame
    Follow this link if you're interested in joining!

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    Please check out our two clans, created in April 2018 using experienced game players which are based around the world and players are always on!

    💥 Clan Games always completed.
    💥 Farm anywhere or Push, itís all supported
    💥 Wars 24/7 in both clans.
    💥 War engineered bases welcome (Cloud Pacifiers only)
    💥 Be active and have fun
    💥 Clan rules: Thank by name, donate requested

    💥 Join here if Th9 to Th12 Cloud Pacifiers
    40k trophies, Level 9
    Heroes: TH9 level 20+ each, TH10 +30 each and TH11 +35 each, GW level 15

    💥Cloud Avengers is for TH11-12 only
    45k trophies, Level 9 clan, 3/4 to Level 10
    Heroes L40+, GW L15+

    Be great to have you on board.

    Majestic Meek

    Experienced clan leader. TH12. Line: MeekeeBoy
    Cloud Avengers, #VVQJ8V9R, TH11-12
    Cloud Pacifiers, #209UPJPLG, TH9-12
    Active, UK with international players. War 24/7. 3✳️💪🏼

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    Hi, my name is T.J. and I am the leader of a Level 14 clan called Never Pull Out. Our clan has been around for over 3 years. All of our members are adults. A good amount of us know each other. Age wise, we are all between our 20s and 40s. We run wars between 15 and 25. We have about 9 strong TH12s in wars, with a good bit of TH11s, and we mix in some TH10s, TH9s, and one or two TH8s. Our war record is 290-241. We are 13-7 over our last 20 wars, and we are on a win streak of 2. Here is our clan tag: #Y2Y9QL8C. Look, we are a good group who are trying to put together more TH12s for Clan War Leagues. Come check us out if you would like.

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