Hey everyone,

Looking to help turn this clan around as far as warring goes. We are pretty good about donations (someone always on during early and late U.S. hours) and we always hit the max clan games rewards. We had a rough patch of wars for a while and killed our warring record to 41.63 win %. Our existing clan leader kind of lost interest and then decided to leave for a different clan so I took over. Just need committed players help turn around our wars and start on the new Clan War Leagues and preferably help in all other aspects of the game (donations, clan games etc.) Check out the detailed rules I wrote in terms of what I ultimately expect and let me know if you would like to join.


We currently only have 5-9 people wanting to war at a time (out of 30 members) so I really want people who can help and be decent in wars to turn our record around as well as help start on CWL (15v15). My name is Bert (#QQV9UQPC), feel free to send a request to join the clan and just mention this post. Trophy required is set to 1700.