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    i have read the recent update patch notes ,in that 2nd point is clearly mentioned about there is no war weightage so how did my opponent clan having th 11s below th10s . We are screwed. Do something abt engineered bases
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    I did not read all 7 pages but could not help the negativity so many people bring to this new event. I love new things and this one is no different.

    Yes we landed in a Master II league which is probably 1-2 tiers to high and therefore were not shocked to be beaten badly in our first War against opponents with 530+ war wins, only TH11s and 12s and clan lvl 16 while we are clan lvl 13 with about 245 war wins. But then again our War 2 matchup looks more reasonable and we have fighting chance I think.

    We could have manipulated the search by leaving out some of our heavy weight TH12s but did not and I reserve judgement until we have about 6 months under our belt. I have found Supercell to be generally reponsive and addressing major issues while also letting people vent and overcome their adversity to change

    Once a month for this 7 day event sounds about right to me and normal wars continue to exist in between war league events

    Someone complained about being forced to attack seven days in a row - really ? Come on who plays this game without doing at least a few attacks per day ? One attack I can get in even if I am travelling across the globe ...

    In our Clan League first matches have neatly divided us into 4 clans that seem strong and won convincingly and four others that underperformed. Luck of the draw has four top fight it out in war 2 while four low scoring teams fight each other in other two matches so should see a lot clearer after day 2.

    All in all I see a lot more positives and only minor concerns / negatives thus far. I see this as giving a lot of our players a renewed sense of urgency to upgrade to TH11 and help to prioritize troop and defensive upgrades over coming months.

    So I am a supporter so far but will really give my judgement only after first 5 or war league events

    Benemike (FTW Foundation clan)

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    why in the war league there is no attack rule according to our own base

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kreyfish View Post
    alright let me be clearer. how is my clan consisting of 6-4-5 in the same tier as FULL 12s?
    i understand, champs in closed off for this week.
    which also means some moderation should have been done that dropped clans like mine at least 1-2 tiers down
    Give it a couple months, clans will settle into correct tiers based on performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beeUZ View Post
    why in the war league there is no attack rule according to our own base
    There are no such rules in any wars, why would there be a rule limiting who you can attack in a war? That's up to clans to organize and plan.

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    Where's the skill in cwl?

    Clan war leagues were sold to us on the theory it's all about the skill but...
    Where is the skill in fifteen th12 facing a mixed clan down to th7?
    In my opinion this is what the engineers have been hoping for as two wars in we've been out matched both wars and it's soul destroying for a clan that achieved level 14 by fair play and a spread of th levels...
    How do I sell the league to my th9 facing th12?

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    Engineers won't be able to do anything to a clan of 15 TH12's so I'm not sure why you mentioned that part.

    Anyway, judging leagues based on one single season seems a bit rash since this is only the initial season when everyone is still being sorted out into the correct league for their over all strength.

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    Give it a couple months, clans will settle into tiers based on performance. First couple months will be rough as explained in many threads. TH levels and base weights will have no influence on CWL, it will be based on performance.

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    We seem to have been lucky with our league matchup in that everyone is of equal strength and every match is close and's playing out the way cwl was intended and I love it!

    3 wars in and we have gone with 7 th12s - 8 th11 split and was placed in Masters 2. Every clan we have faced in 1st 3 days has had the same mix as us. The league table is very tight but through good planning and skill we sit at the top.

    What im saying is just give it a few months to settle down and I'm sure you will experience the same. It's a great format when you are matched with similar clans and does actually reward skill.
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    The other clan will still be able to get a lot of stars out of those engineers. They don't necessarily win 1 war, but get as many stars as possible and they're good.
    Engineers will hit a wall where they can't progress anymore, draws at best. There is no match making algorithm, so those engineers will face 15 TH12 eventually and lose.

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