Clan Name: Frozen Grace:
Clan Tag: #GYY9CRUP
Clan Level: 5
Are you looking to help grow a clan, instead of just joining an already maxed clan, then this is the clan for you!
I'll be honest, we don't have enough people for war leagues (yet), we don't do very well in clan games, and the highest TH we have is 9. So why join us? Because we're a core group of active players, that's looking to be a part of a laid back, no pressure clan. We will start warring daily, and once we have enough people for war leagues, we will participate in that as well. There is no pressure in donating, warring, or participating in clan games, all we ask of you is to be active and listen to the elders and co-leaders.

Help a small clan grow larger as you climb up the ranks, join us!