View Poll Results: Which type of derbies do you enjoy playing?

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  • Regular derbies with 320 maximum tasks

    32 37.65%
  • Blossom derbies with 320-400 tasks

    37 43.53%
  • Bingo derbies

    35 41.18%
  • Mystery derbies with 400 maximum tasks

    46 54.12%
  • Power derbies with 320 maximum tasks

    62 72.94%
  • Theme derbies with 400 maximum tasks

    9 10.59%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What kind of derby do you enjoy playing ?

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    Power derby was the best.

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    I like power and blossom derbies. Bingo derby is fun too
    I hate mystery derbies, I didn't enjoy the Halloween derby as the tasks took too long to do.

    I avoid all boat and truck tasks, fishing too unless its a event.

    I also don't like derbies where the other NH's spend diamonds and have all 10 tasks done the first day, there should be a split between those NH's willing to buy all the tasks and those who aren't

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    Bumping to the top to get more votes.

    I love blossom derby, it has finally given me a reason to prep for tasks and show my team how to do it. Still working on getting the other 1/2 of my team to figure it out. I love bingo also, I like the derbies that make the team work together.

    Mystery and Power are also fun.

    I think the blossom derby and the power derby really improve the the quality of items in the paper.

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    Power was cool, I like BINGO, not a fan of Mystery. I donít mind the themes but the repetitive tasks are boring. Blossom is ok, would like to see it just be 400. It seems that some players get all the higher points while someone has to start off the blossom...

    Would love to see something new.

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