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Thread: New group looking for active/daily players

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    New group looking for active/daily players

    We are a new group with experienced players looking for people who love to have fun with the game. We are very friendly, and very helpful. We support anyone in our neighborhood. We like to play the derby, but we play it for fun, without pressure. We have people from all over the world, and we are a English speaking group. We love playing, and making new friends.
    We have been in this neighborhood for a few months, and are looking for adults to join the fun with us.
    We are looking for people who are not afraid to talk, or to ask if they need something.
    Our neighborhood is called Sunny side.
    Our tag is #PL9V20QP
    Our emblem is a yellow heart, with red cherries.
    We are asking for people at level 45 or higher.
    We have a lot to offer in the game. We always take care of the people in our group.
    If you are looking to have fun with the game, and enjoy pleasant conversation, then come check us out.
    We welcome everyone. 😄
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