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Thread: Ask for Help

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    Lightbulb Ask for Help

    10/23/18 We can now ask for help on truck orders, town visitor requests, boats, and reviving trees/bushes. I would like the Icons to be universally color coded, so that you know what kind of help that farm is requesting without having to go search their farm. The ads in the newspapers are black and white so this could also help the requests to stand out.

    Red for truck orders
    Black for town visitor requests
    Blue for boat orders
    Green for trees/bushes
    And a way to combo the colors to represent each area that the farm is requesting help for at a specific time.

    I would also like there to somehow be a filter on the help icons. I can't tell you how many times I try and go to someone's farm because I see a help icon to find out my level is too low to help them because I can't yet make that product, farm that plant, or grow the tree/bush.

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    Neat idea! Would be so interested to see it played out. Yeah, sometimes I feel like a crazy person trying to find where on the farm someone needs help: going to farm and checking the boat dock for help - nope. Checking the truck board now - no, that's not it. Is there a "!" on the train tracks, no? Then where is the freaking bouncing tree or bush??!!?!? . And then often times the help is fulfilled before I even find it!!!

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    No. While I see what you’re getting at, it’s better to have it the way it is. If it was ‘colour coded’ people would zoom in on the watering and help far less with the other things.

    The NH helps flagging for non NH members needs fixing (if it’s still faulty) and the Town Help system needs improving (as detailed in other posts) but basically we need to be able to see what they need help with from their FARM notice board as we can our own.

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    I supporty any way to mark different help request. I in my case I am interested in boat request for help and do not want to waste time looking for it.

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