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Thread: Th12 war defense for cwl

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    Question Th12 war defense for cwl

    With the new update, and release of CWL there are a ton of question floating around, including ones about base design. CWL only allows the attacker one shot @ a base. You do not want the attacker getting 3 stars. Also now, you don't want the attacker getting 2 stars either. However, with the addition of Siege machines it seems awfully easy for any th11+ to score 2 stars on a Th12. I'm considering going back to the old fashion anti 2 star base but I'm not sold on it just yet. Even the anti 2 star bases, are getting 2 starred unless the attack goes completely south. I want to know from the big dogs what their thoughts are, of course time will tell which direction we need to go with base design as new meta's constantly coming out.

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    Was thinking the same, I don't even want to give easy 1 star with outside TH. We will definitely need to use different base for CW and CWL.

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    I think anti 2 bases are going to be the rule.You have to play creatively though to ensure the fail if you want that. Maybe a tricky funnel, with troll teslas and weird pathing... would be interesting.

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