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    Clan War Leagues Update: Bugs & Problems

    Hi Clashers,

    If you have come across any bugs, please be sure to post in detail what happened in the comments below!
    If you are the first person to find a legitimate bug, you will get a personalized message from Darian, telling you how awesome you are (He has not agreed to this but Anoushka will make him do it anyways).

    Known Bugs:

    • Stars not counting towards Daily Star Bonus. (fixed)
    • Issues on collecting the Loot Cart -> will be fixed with upcoming optional update
    • Heroes come off sleep mode after using them (fixed)
    • Some War League prep days are set to 12 hours. -> fixed for subsequent Wars in this Season in yesterday's maintenance break.

    Not a Bug:

    • Hero Regeneration Timer is not bugged. The timer system has changed. Instead of counting down faster, it will now show the reduced time.
    • Cannot use War Tools (leaving notes etc) in Preparation Day: we will remove this feature from Preparation Day since you cannot see the actual base layout. We will fix the UI to reflect this change.
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    More Bugs Found - To Be Classified

    Some more issues spotted by players:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tonkatoy55 View Post
    Cannot toggle siege machine on goblin maps. You have to go onto normal attack screen, toggle it off or on, quit, then go back to goblin map.
    Quote Originally Posted by bhatt111 View Post
    So in the cwl there is a season info button and the 3rd column is Clan where it lists the members uve taken into the cwl. We are currently in our first war and one of our players started it off with a 3 star. But his stats in the clan section column have not updated it still says 0 stars by his name.
    Quote Originally Posted by Herries View Post
    We have just finished all our attacks in the 2nd day of CWL. When I click on "War Info" tab to see the current war details. There is something wrong with the numbers showing our Clan XP.

    We have achieved 45 stars and 100% destruction, but clan XP earned shows the following:

    • Defeat enemy base - +17/64
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    Reported Bugs but not listed above

    - not recived 50 medals from CWL tutorial → fixed
    - opt in/out of CW allways shows red in CWL list of signed in players → fixed
    - Siegemachine still get stuck → still unfixed
    - preparation day for next war does not start → unfixed
    - Clan ranking in CWL not shown at Clan profil → fixed
    - incorrect timer for prep day - war day - upcoming war → unfixed
    - roster who havent fought earned zero stars → fixed
    - missing Clan XP during CWL on bases and missing Clan XP added to total Clan XP → unfixed

    - not able to switch Siegemachine at Goblin map → no 30sec prep time on Goblin maps → chose your default option in multiplayer battle before attacking Goblin map
    - to small icons on CWL warmap → overlapping stars and "live replay" buttons
    - notification for given bonus medals looks like a random post of the player who shared them
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    Training potion is not speeding up hero regeneration!!

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    Wrong text in magic item tab when clicking hammers it tell play clan games to obtain them but they are exclusive only by playing cwl

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    I unable to watch my war replay

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    Clan war tools not working properly. Notes do not update and yes, Iím in the war not a spectator. Little envelopes or flags donít pop up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pctd View Post
    I unable to watch my war replay
    replays vanish after every update.

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    Too early to tell... But is shield/guard displaying properly? I logged on before attacks were available and had no shield/guard. I did a couple of attacks and logged off. I have not been hit in over 5 minutes in Titan 1 with max lootable E/DE, which seems strange.

    *Edit:disregard... I got attacked IMMEDIATELY after posting this, haha*
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