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    Cool Halloween Derby!

    Our next derby will be a very special Halloween Derby, yay! Expect the following changes from a normal Derby:

    - Increased quantities of expansion items for the barn and silo.
    - Special reward choices in the last threshold of each league.
    - Higher appearance rates for tasks containing: pumpkin, candles, cotton shirt, blue woolly hat, sweater, pumpkin pie, toffee, blackberry muffin, red berry cake, lemon curd, hot chocolate.
    - Each one of these can spawn tasks up to 400 points.

    Good luck and have fun


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    Can you please explain what's on derby board right now? It mentions last threshold rewards. I can't reach last threshold.
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    I don’t like to moan (much ) but I can’t see any easy tasks in that list.

    No boats, mining, Help, town, feed, just production, baskets and one crop (pumpkins).

    With the limit of 4 tasks in any one category that means only 9 ‘special’ tasks can be on the go at any one time. It was hard enough last Special with 12 max but this is getting to be impossible if we have 15+ hoodies opted in.

    Afraid I’m tempted to advise people to opt out and I’ve never dont that before.
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    2 Questions:

    1. Will we have special reward choices in the last threshold of each league (see picture below)? (Supercell edited both this post as well as FB post) So there will be a special reward waiting in the last threshold)

    2. Will blue sweater and lemon candle tasks be in the derby? They are not in the present task list, so they must be new?

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    On the last Power derby I asked the 'online' support if we can get demoted with a maximum
    of points ... without using an extra task ... I am still waiting for an answer !

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    The answer must be yes if you are 13th, 14th or 15th in the derby if 12 NHs either finish their tasks quicker than you or use diamonds for a 15th task
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    Hi Nick, it would be nice if you could fix the bugs first from our last so called messy update, we are still unable to see what our neighbours have on pickup for the personal train.. that is a darn nuisance to always do the long way.
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    Nick, could you please clarify what’s meant by “Special reward choices in the last threshold of each league.” Will that be the last threshold that can be achieved by the number of players opted in, such that a solo player could reach that threshold? Or, for example, is it always going to be the 9th threshold for the CL, meaning that solo players and very small hoods can’t reach it?

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    People are always moaning about being in a small hood or solo player. If you don't want to miss out join a slightly bigger hood or don't that's your choice man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisbannerman View Post
    People are always moaning about being in a small hood or solo player. If you don't want to miss out join a slightly bigger hood or don't that's your choice man
    Nope. People are not moaning about being in a small hood or a solo player. They’re ‘moaning’ that they’re being penalised for making that choice.

    Everyone can choose what size hood they play in. Everyone could play Solo/SH if they wanted to. Solo/SH players should not be punished for making that choice. I do 10x320/400 tasks every week, the maximum available to me. Why are mine less valuable than someone choosing to play in a larger hood? Most doing fewer tasks for fewer points! There are advantages and disadvantages in game play in each size hood. The rewards should be the same per player no matter what size NH you choose to play the Derby in. NH’s from 4-30 all have 9 thresholds. Why not 1-3? It makes NO sense.

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