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Thread: Town Visitor Requests Board - For Helper

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    Town Visitor Requests Board - For Helper

    Town helping has been really difficult for me in past few days. I love helping people as long as I have products surplus. But if I have to access people's town first only to find out that I don't have items they need, that's really uncool.

    My request is: please put town visitor request board (that we already have in our own farm) to other farms we visit. So when my friend needs help, I will go to their farm and check their boat dock, truck board and town board. If I see in the board they need help with cherries in spa and I can help, then I will go to their town and help their spa visitor.

    This way we don't need extra loading (long long loading) only to visit their town and... Meh I can't help, what a waste of time.

    Please consider this, SC. Thank you.
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    This has to be rethink I totaly agreed with you... It really painfull to help people in their town because their is no way to indicate us the town need help... I visite so many town that doesn't need help... I just quit helping in town...

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