I think it would be a good idea to have a trading booth so we are allowed to trade items amongst each other. Like... you can say you need 10 tomatoes and Iíll give you 10 pumpkins. Something like that. Lol. We would be allowed only a certain amount of times to do that in a day. It could be done between neighbors and friends. Maybe even non-friends because sometimes all you may want to request from a person is simply 7 tomatoes and you just donít want to spend a whole hour running through shops just to find it when you can just request a trade or ask and say that you are willing to pay for it from anyone you think might have it. Or...

We can have a donation booth for EVERYONE and not just amongst neighbors.

Because having to trade items through your shop is risky. And sometimes you just donít feel like running through shops all day when you can just ask a person if they have it.