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Thread: Silican Defense, a Hybrid Base - Re-upload

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    Silican Defense, a Farming Base - Re-upload

    Silican Defense - A Farming Base

    The Base:

    This is a self designed base with both structure, defense, and loot in mind.
    It was primarily designed against ground troops.
    The base perform well in both farming and sometimes in war.
    The Base structure is designed so that at least 3 or 4 buildings are accessible to an enemy unit when it is placed anywhere on the map.
    There are 8 individual sections which slow down the progress of enemy troops.
    When troops break through the center, they will be stuck in the middle, allowing almost every other standing defense unit to attack the troops.

    Please tell me what you think.
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    does good at farming? yes

    does good at war? not even close.

    any th9 3 star army like laloon and hogs can do wonders in this base

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    - Square AD structure making lalo pathing easier -> Susceptible to LaLo
    - WTs near ADs mean they lock onto hounds instead of loons -> Susceptible to LaLo
    - Bad outer GB -> Susceptible to witches
    - 2 GBs + queen in the same compartment -> Susceptible to falcon, hogs
    - 2 of your springs + 2 of your GBs might not trigger at all -> Susceptible to hogs

    This base is a recipe for disaster if you use it in war against a competent attacker.

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    Thanks for the honest replies. I saved it as a just farming base. Originally I didn’t think too much of it and just wanted a copy of my base online as I’m moving up to th 10.

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