Hello coc,
Here, I have a suggestion for coc, I hope supercell may understand this thing, here coc upgrades takes lots of time to upgrade heros & walls and some of other stuffs and purchasing gems are very very expensive. I am from India and Indian people don't purchase things which are worthless, people here are from general class and they only buy things which are necessary only and buying gems for games, I say very very few can spend that much amount for gems.

currency: In India our currency INR is very week against dollars,like we have to pay around 74-75 for 1 dollar, so its easy to spend for USA people to spend 4-5 dollars its very convenient for them but it is very very expensive here to pay like that way coc is offering.

My suggestion: I must say that coc should concentrate over sales volume and quantity here, make gems cheap like 0.15-0.30 to 1 dollar its cheap for us here its just same like USA people, if coc may do so. This will increase the sales volume as well it will be very convenient and under reach of all Indian coc players.

Hope to see new update for us soon.

Thank you