Hi guys, I have created a quick video explaining the new Tornado Trap. The Trap is available at TH11 and 12. It can be upgraded to level 3 with a max duration effect of 10 seconds. It will be effective against everything, including Heroes and Siege Machines. The speed of the spin will be determined by the troop housing space. The effect is calculated on a scale of 1-5 by dividing the troops housing capacity by 3 (max 5). The number once divided is also rounded up, so a few examples are as follows: you
Minion - 1, Balloon - 2, Witch - 4, Golem - 5. Heroes are also classed as 5 but Siege Machines are only classed as 1. The only troop that is currently invincible to the Tornado Trap is the Miner, irrespective of being underground or above it still will not be effected.
In terms of strategy it goes without saying that it will depend on what you are trying to defend. Ive found it is very effective against E Drags because it pulls them out of range of defences so they have to keep retargeting and because they are slow, it makes the trap very effective against them. It will be great to have around defences like the Giga Tesla, or a Multi Inferno/Wizard Tower if defending LavaLoon. Keep in mind though that if a Hound pops this might set off the trap in advance if in range. Im also interested to see if it can be used to catch Healers during a Queen Walk. Be sure to share below how you plan to use the Tornado Trap and if you have any questions I will try my best to test it out for you. Clash On!