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    Quote Originally Posted by MrNope666 View Post
    Sounds cool if people stop making the same new threads as there are already existing ones about this
    I wrote "i just saw this on twitter". Thanks

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    Personally, I think the only benefit we got from Clock Tower Potion is pushing trophies and CG challenges only. In case of upgrading buildings and researching troops, I think there is no benefit, because 30min boost can help and complete upgrade and research but what for the next we didn't have the resources ahead (because clock tower never boost the time of Daily Bonus).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocube06 View Post
    I wrote "i just saw this on twitter". Thanks
    Just a tip.
    Then it would be good practice to check when it was posted on Twitter... if you find that it was posted quite a while ago you can be sure that there are already existing threads out there.
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    Do you Remember

    darian said they were just concept art. now half year later one them make it to the game. and the "insta finish potion" is now the hammer magic item.
    New Clock Potion

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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