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Thread: Brand new town hall 10 looking for clan

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    Brand new town hall 10 looking for clan

    Level 108 th 10, just upgraded looking for a new clan

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    Why not Become a G. I'm actually about to be a th10 myself in a few days. with the October update coming. We are looking for some serious heavy hitters. You have the potential. Wars are optional. We're really trying to expand right now for the update coming soon. The clan was started by myself and a couple of varsity mates of mine and we clash. We dominate wars ( But we also get our ♥♥♥ beat by some intense wars :') ) Look we'd be happy to have you, We looking to keep growing and reaching new heights. Join us in-game follow the tag (#VVJYVCRG) Gs Level 4 Clan. Leader is Ren.

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    Would you mind sending me your Tag# so I can see if you would qualify for our clan? Feel free to send it by PM if you don’t want to post it here


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    We're a family of 3 clans, maybe one of them would be a good fit. Our main clan is a level 15 war clan, established in March 2015, and still going strong.

    Contact us on Discord (

    Hope to see you soon.

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    "Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my deafening awesomeness" S. Archer


    We are an Adult, organized, English speaking, Level14, war clan. We have been clashing it up together since before clan wars began. We founded this clan all those years ago in order to compete in the Clan Wars that we love. We keep a relaxed atmosphere but we are all serious about winning.

    The Type of clashers we are looking for
    We are recruiting adult clashers that are dependable, war focused, loyal, and understand this game is about the long haul. We want active teammates that enjoy this great game and want to be part of a relaxed but competitive team while developing their bases and learning 3star strategies. We allow teammates opt out for any reason but expect those opted in to use every war attack.

    -What we ask of every teammate
    We ask every team member to develop themselves with a focus on war. This means waiting on building heavy defenses such as infernos, eagle artillery, etc until you are able to 3 star a base that has them. We focus on developing our heroes and troops first then slowly building the defenses up as we are ready to deal with the enemies we will face in war.

    Clan Rules
    *Show up for Your Team Every war that You opt in. Miss an attack, you sit the next war. New members missing both attacks will be booted. Veterans missing too many war attacks also may be booted. *Read all clan mail. *All good team-mates donate but Donate only what is requested.

    *If we sound like a clan that is right for you come check us out and Welcome to the Dark Side. We will check out your camp and profile when you apply in game, mention this thread to be considered.

    In-Game:Sith Warmachine
    Clan Tag:#8C2UPPVR
    War Wins: 415 and counting

    Sith WarMachine
    Adult LVL14 War Clan #8C2UPPVR 428 Wins and Counting
    IGN Dude, Clan Leader

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    Nurd Murkers is a U.S. based level 14 Clan with over 350 wins. – Apply at #LCGVLGP
    Everyone is welcome
    Our clan is a great place for experienced players. We win most of our wars and donate liberally when you want to raid. Please donate as much as you receive.
    We war 3 times a week (opt out when you can’t attack) and we expect our member to participate in clan games.
    Please give our clan a try.

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    Come join us at :
    Dimension C-137
    We are a lvl 2 clan and although we dont have all the luxuries of a high lvl clan we tend to all form close friendships. And you could be one of us too. Join us and grow with us.

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    Join Skating Panda

    About Us

    Skating Panda is a active, well ran clan with around 30+ clan members. We actively do Wars, clan games and we look forward to the clan leagues update. It is not compulsory for you to participate in these, we do encourage clan members to do so though, and many do. We have been established since January 2017 and we are a proud level 4 clan on the way to level 5.

    We donate lots of troops regularly to support players in there attacks, some players are donating 1000+ troops a season! We often get tier II or III in the clan games, sometimes exceeding this with sometimes only 5 players. All our players are loyal to the clan. We are accepting requests to merge with our clan, you joining us, we are willing to negotiate.

    We are looking for non-rushed players and long staying members to the clan. We are currently accepting beginners, we will help and support you along the way. We are also looking for high level players to join us and our other high level players to. All age range accepted, everyone is accepted here. We are an English speaking clan, with members from different countries across the world.

    Elder will be given free on joining, and then you will work your way up to a higher rank by being active, donating, and participating in clan events. We have 2 leaders in our clan.

    How To Join

    There is currently only one clan called Skating Panda, so just simply look up our name SKATING PANDA, all capital letters and just simply click the join button and you are in, simple. Please see a picture attached of our clan information section on the actual game too to help you find us. Our clan tag is #J88UUULQ which you can simply copy and paste in the search bar to find us too.

    We hope to see you in our clan soon, clan mate!
    Please feel free to message me with any questions, or with any difficulties in joining us.

    My in game Name is AWESOME JACOB! My name tag is #9RP09CCP8

    Kind Regards,
    Clan Leader

    Signataure made by: BakusClasher

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    Join if wanna help us grow.

    Regards: Awais.

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    Family Alliance looking for league and war minded players

    Little Sneakers / LVL 16 clan / #YQ2RY0VP / League play clan

    Little Sneakers home to cwl, ndl, and fwl players and reps.

    We are a B-T-B war clan usually running large wars.

    We accept th9-th12 anyone well balanced, active and ready to always strive to improve.
    We run a league style war play and our matchups will challenge you.

    Check us out today of we fit your style of play. We are adults only.

    Part of M.I.L.E. alliance

    • Mutiney Elite | #YY9RCQ8V
    • Isotis #92G0GC8Q
    • Little Sneakers #YQ2RY0VP
    • Element 29 #PPGJQVR0
    • Gear Buddies #8UV29YUL

    Join our discord server:

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