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Thread: GooniesNeverDie #VRYVPC2V | New Adult clan

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    GooniesNeverDie #VRYVPC2V | Level 5 Adult clan

    Weíre are a level 5 casual clan seeking members to assist with maxing clan games! Right now weíre hitting 16k points, occasionally tier four, so weíre looking for more members to help us get higher tier or max.

    We also war non-stop but we donít care about winning! Are you a th12 who canít one star a th1? Good! We want you!

    Not very social? Cooooool. Neither are we! In fact, we hate talking!

    Social butterfly? Sweet! Iíve got the best butterfly net ever.

    Want to go on a 50 year break? Cool, see you in 100!

    So, max clan games, casual adult who hates/loves talking and likes nets?

    Come. Join. Us.
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    Weekend bump

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    End of the weekend bump!

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    Sunday bump!

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    Still looking for more members to help with upcoming and all future clan games!

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    Holiday bump!

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    lets bumpity bump

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