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    This update was released well before it was ready. I’ve been around for quite awhile and never has an update been so messed up! Instead of listening to the minority about when is the next update, when is the next update, when is the next update, Supercell should have said “hold your britches, it will be out when it’s ready.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGussler View Post
    I would also like them to reverse this change. Then we could fix it, but right now we have no way of getting the new Leader changed as we are getting no response to requests.
    We are in the same position, our new leader is completely unknown to the rest of us, doesn't respond to messages and has completely messed up the derby for us, having one failed task under their name so we won't get the Halloween dec. I think we might have to disband and set up a new neighbourhood which isnt fair to other infrequent but opted out players.
    I don't know how to report this as I can't find a contact method but from the sounds of it it's a bit futile anyway.

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    Ok so support has told me to post on here, this is an absolute joke, I lost control of MY NEIGHBOURHOOD due to being inactive due to real life issues so I messaged support being given a stupid response of “ ask the leader to be promoted back to leader” What a joke the new “leader” doesn’t respond to chat, doesn’t participate in any derby and yet now support doesn’t even respond to any messages of mine they close all conversations I start almost immediately. Why won’t they give me my neighbourhood back.

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