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Thread: Starting a successful clan?

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    Starting a successful clan?

    Any masters of recruiting and clan management have any advice to a new clan leader? 😂 Just started a new push clan and donít wanna fail at this lowkey

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    Recruit your school mates or class mates or your relative cousins they will help u in recruiting and donation.

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    Only start a new clan if you have trusted people that have been with you for awhile to help you get it started. Running a successful clan isn't a one person operation.

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    Wherever there are the foolish starting new clans, I am there, wagging a finger,
    Not a lot of information for us to work with.

    Based on the majority of posts like this, two things are likely (though perhaps you are an exception)

    1. You never check this thread again

    2. By the time advice is offered you have already abandoned the clan

    Skipping that part, how many clashers are you starting with?
    How active are you?
    What kind of profile do you have?
    What did you name your clan? *ReqnGo is not a good clan name if you arent a req n go clan, yet many do not realize this*
    What TH level are you?

    Many things that need to be known before real advice is given... most notably... are you ever looking at this thread again and does your clan still exist?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuitsSpade View Post
    Any masters of recruiting and clan management have any advice to a new clan leader?  Just started a new push clan and don’t wanna fail at this lowkey
    Bring with you:

    1. Thick Skin
    2. Steel toed boots for kicking people
    3. Tons of free time & resources to donate, recruit, and war to raise the clan's level to 10 for max perks. If you don't have devoted people helping, consider making several additional accounts so you can war and win and get the clan's level to at least 5 ASAP.
    4. As many real life friends as you can.

    Good luck.
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