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Thread: Attack timer (duration of battle)

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    Attack timer (duration of battle)

    With TH 11 a larger battle field and the Eagle the attack timer was increased to 3:30 min.
    to allow player to use tactics that donít activate the Eagle.
    short after it went back to 3 min ( main reason clan war as I see it)

    isnt it it time now to go back to 3:30 min?
    to allow player to tactically start a battle?
    not only this (unfair but supported) queens walk.

    more than 50% of all battles Are just dumping of overpowered troops.
    3:30 min would allow you to balance attack and defense ( which you cannot w/o nerving these low tactics dumpers)
    and bring the golden gaming triangle ( fun challenge accepted desire for payment) back into balance.
    maybe this requires different attack timer for different league. For sure for T1 and Legend league

    Take your time to discuss SC. This is no easy request

    i personally would like to see more tactical and strategical challenge
    instead of only upgrade challenge of already overpowered troops.


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    I agree with TH 11 + being 3:30, maybe some building upgrade once you get to a certain point allows for a longer battle

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