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My hood has completely disintegrated since this "update". I lost almost all of my long time members while I was absent for family issues because leadership was passed to a low ranking newbie and my hood thought I did it. Support won’t even answer me now and just automatically closes my conversation if I even ask about what can be done. New leader appears to be inactive and now I have no idea who it will pass to next! The update says "If the NH leader is inactive (has not logged into the game) for 2 weeks or more, he/she gets demoted and the oldest & highest ranking active member will become the leader." This did NOT happen in my hood! If the feature can’t function correctly, it should be removed altogether. I wish here was some way to contact members outside of the app, but if they don’t log in, you’re out of luck ☹️

Same me with my neighborhood! Some new person joined and “poof” they are the new leader!! I have tried to get support to understand that this person was new and has never spoken to us but they just keep giving me a canned response and closing the conversation. Apparently they are not concerned that this is not functioning how it is intended. We would be fine if it went to a long standing co-leader, we would possibly be okay if the newbie talked to us. I agree if a feature does not function correctly then at least we should be able to get some one to look into it.