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Thread: A home for low levelled derby players

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    A home for low levelled derby players

    Join "All about fun" today
    Emblem- Blue wheel in pink shield
    Tags- chatty, international, fun, active, helpers

    About us- We are a bunch of active players ranging from levels 20-46. We all belong to different parts of the world and hence, someone is always online. We do only 300+ point tasks. The neighborhood was created on 08.10.18 and is still growing with 5 members currently.We love to trade our goods with each other.

    Our requirements:
    •english speaking only
    •minimum level 20
    •either opt out of derby or ( if opted in), complete 300+ point tasks

    Come on, let's play the next derby together.

    Pm me or post here if you have any questions. Feel free to join any time.
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    We are now a hood of 6 and we won gold in the rookie league.. We are all set to win gold in the next league as well.

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    Spots are filling fast. Dont waste your time and join today!!

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    Special offer: Minimum level reduced to 10

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    We are 13 and still counting... Join before all spots are full.. Not to forget, as expected, we won gold in the previous derby too..
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    The increasing demand has made us increase the minimum level to 25.. Join before it increases further!!

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    Oct 2018
    Im lvl 22 can i join pls !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haythe View Post
    Im lvl 22 can i join pls !
    Ok.. reduced the minimum level for u to 20 again!!

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