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Thread: Fully established , competitive ADULT clan looking for mature competitive members!

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    Fully established , competitive ADULT clan looking for mature competitive members!

    Competitive, English speaking, international, and very active adult clan here in wars, clan games and donations looking for serious, non-rushed members to join our team. We participate in wars daily (one war right after another), we are very active in the clan games in making sure we make the most of each tier/reward, and we are a high donating clan which we expect the same in return from new members that join. To be considered active and remain in this clan our members participate in at least one of the 3 activities (clan wars, clan games, and/or donations) but obviously the more you participate in the better.

    As we are a very goal oriented and competitive war and clan games clan we do have a Discord chat setup for new and existing members which helps us communicate and coordinate better in attacks and strategy with one another especially in war.

    All promotions here are performance and activity based and are earned but we do and can promote rather quickly depending on how active members are and how well they display leadership. Respect in this clan is key here but most importantly, having fun!

    Our clan name is Gotham's Finest, the clan leader is xzlBATMANlzx, and our clan tag # is J2UCRJUC. If you are joining, please let us know in your joining message that you found us from the forums so we know where and how you found us to let you in.

    Clash on!

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