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Thread: Helps on farms automatically

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    Helps on farms automatically

    Can you make the game so when a person has helps on their farm, it takes you right to them, rather than having to search the entire farm to get to them. Just a thought. It would be much easier especially in some of the more crowded and higher level farms. Thanks for listening. Play on!

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    Brilliant! Any sort of help like that would be nice. I have spent a lot of time on farms trying to find the little jumping thing, only to never find it. Spent three days on and off looking on one friendís farm (not in my neighborhood, so I couldnít mesage), and never found it... Have also had to call my aunt before so I could help her.

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    And now with the new update i just don't know where to look. Is it the town, boat, tree etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twillyfarm View Post
    And now with the new update i just don't know where to look. Is it the town, boat, tree etc.
    totally agree! i posted something similar to this elsewhere after the update but i think it got lost in all the other comments lol.
    its really frustrating the way it is right now. and it would be helpful if it said bobs TOWN needs help ..bobs TRUCK needs help...bobs TREES need help. not just bobs FARM needs help
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    There's only three places to look, and if none of them have the exclamation mark, then you're looking for a tree. That's hardly onerous, is it?!

    The problem at the moment is that people's farms are showing as needing help when they don't need help at all. That makes it super frustrating when you're searching for something that is quite possibly not there at all.

    Once this is fixed, then I think it is fine as it is.

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    Some real 'smart' (not) players hide their water bushes behind buildings, under trees etc. to make it hard to find on purpose, which is ridiculous... if the watering isnt obvious, i dont bother spending time looking for it...

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    I just posted this in a different thread because it didn't see this! yes! perfect idea! if not maybe a designated help sign, like a boat with a ! or a truck with a ! etc on the person's icon.

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    This would make doing helps easy, maybe too easy. I think part of helping is finding what needs to be helped. For those that "hide" helps, I get satisfaction in finding them. If I don't have time to look I move on without looking too hard.

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