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Thread: I want to max my town hall 11

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    I want to max my town hall 11

    Hey there,I want to max my th11.It is so rushed and I have dropped my league.Please help me to max my first thing which means which thing should I max first...

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    Don't concern yourself so much with your defenses and such and merely focus on your walls and heroes.

    Other than those two things your main focus should be researching upgrades on troops; start with the ones you actively raid with until they're maxed.

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    ^^ Good Advice....����

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    Keep your builds busy and your lab glowing and you'l max.
    Anything offense related is a good place to start - camps, warden, troops, labs, spell factories, AQ, BK

    You should max at least one farm troops combo. Either Goblins or BARCH
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