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Thread: Clan games schedule

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    Clan games schedule

    Will there be another clan games before the end of the current season? In other words, how many days between each clan game? is there a pattern? thanks!

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    There's no defined pattern, but I wouldn't expect another one to begin until after the new season starts.

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    Usually 7 days interval after end of clan games. According to that, next clan game week will be start on 25th of October 2018, Thursday. Or it may be the week for Halloween season troop 250 gem events + Surprise October update + CWL opt in period + one gem boost week.

    Who knows?

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    If there is future plan Special event before the update like Hammer Jam, than chanses of next CG before update, can be as part of events like Star Games last time.

    If no special events planned then low chanses of it? However I still think there is a big event planned before the update as Darian says so much think going to revealed (sneak peak, CWL tutorial video, couple of pretty big surprises, and many more).

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    I don't think so because Sc is going to release CWL in the last week of October.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKPekka View Post
    I don't think so because Sc is going to release CWL in the last week of October.
    Do you have anything to back up this statement, or is it just a guess?
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    They will probably start the next clan games a day or two after season end for obvious reasons of clouds

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