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Thread: Bring back the anti-healing effect of the Inferno Tower

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    Bring back the anti-healing effect of the Inferno Tower

    The anti-healing effect of the inferno tower was much loved and was one of its defining features that made it as feared as it used to be. Nowadays, it always annoys me, when watching live replays of raids on my base, when attackers just reverse all damage my towers have done on their troops with their healing spells. What is the point of having 2 maxed out inferno towers at Town Hall 10 when they do nothing to prevent you from being 3 starred by people who are over-reliant on their heal spells and healers? The multi-target version of the inferno tower is basically useless now. I understand that Supercell got rid of this anti-healing effect to balance out the Eagle Artillery in TH 11. But the thing is, there are players out there, like me, on TH 10 not TH 11 whose bases have been severely weakened and are prone to being raided to devastating damage. The balance always seems to be tipped in favour of offence every time Supercell releases an update. They always add new troop levels or increase the DPS of troops whilst reducing DPS of x-bows, removing the double damage effect of Teslas on PEKKAS, and removing the beloved anti-healing effect of the Inferno tower! There can also be compromises. For example, instead of completely negating healing, Inferno towers could reduce healing effectiveness by 75% or some other percentage. But no, supercell chose to remove it completely. Bring back the anti-healing effect of Inferno towers!

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    I'm not sure where you're getting the "much loved" part as I haven't seen that from anyone I play with.

    Personally I like where it's at now and hope that it doesn't revert back.
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    Agree with with that multi target inferno is kind of useless against few Giants and heal. But single target inferno is still deadly. You have not mentioned your league. I guess you are at higher league. At higher league like Titan 1/2 or Legend you mostly attacked by TH11/12. So, you can't prevent to destroy your base. But some base design like AQ near to Inferno Tower helps a lot.

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