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10500 an hour, 252K a day (if you empty collectors more at least every 12 hours)

Divide the cost of your next lab upgrade by 252K, and notice that you'll be able to do about 2 upgrades a month.. A number that would increase about 3 times, if you won 3 battles a day..

The math of the pumps only upgrades is just depressing, but at least it will give our dear Phoenix something to upgrade on his BB for 3 times as long as he would have, if he attacked and won 3 battles a day.. A small price for being able to ignore the BB for a good long while :-)

True, but like I said I'm just not interested in versus battles. The win/loss ratio was always frustrating and something that can't be changed. I was always pretty lousy at attacking anyways so I gave up on attacking altogether and probably won't go back to it