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Thread: Clan Games all Challenges of 1 hour?

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelms View Post
    That's one Darwin's interesting concept: adaptation. Pushing clans can and still complete the games. However, with a lot of more effort than average clans.
    Yeah, take challenges and trash them. Gem the cool down trash more. Easy peesy!

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    I understand your problem, as you are in Legend League doing 1h Challenges are totally impossible. And Why you are getting 1h Challenges, that's totally depend on the Clan your are in, like your clanmates took others challenges except 1h spare it.
    And it's possible that this problem may also arise in upcoming all CG.

    So, to hindr this problem
    Take 1h challenges and wait (if you don't have gems, or don't wanna to use your gems)
    Take 1h challenges and trash (if you have enough gems to spend)
    Repeat again and again.
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    ask them to leave 1200 points challenges for legend players

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    There are some 1200 point challenges with two day timers. Maybe ask your mates to leave you one?

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