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Thread: Invitation Idea

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    Invitation Idea

    So, i opened global to talk and see the normal, bd players and kids showing off thier new learnt cuss words. I say "Hello". And i must of rejected about 20 invition request s all from the same people. Here is an idea, when you reject someone how bout you can block them from sending invites. Or put a setting to block invies all together

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    i requested this feature in QoL wishlist thread. maybe you share some Quality of Live improvements their.

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    joIIn mye claAn realtom plzz freeeeeeee co !!1!1!1!!1!1!1!

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    If you set your clan to Closed this allows you to avoid getting join requests all together, but still have the ability to invite players to join you.

    Alternatively if you leave it at Invite Only and someone is declined they're unable to send another request for 2r hours or until their join request falls off your clans chat so they're technically not able to spam continuously to join you.

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