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Thread: 24-7 Clash - Level 16 UK / EU Clan

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    24-7 Clash - Level 16 UK / EU Clan

    LVL 16 UK / EU WAR CLAN.

    24-7 Clash (#8UQR8JRO)

    We are a clan from the UK / EU recruiting new members who are 18+ and are based within +/- 3 GMT.

    We are seeking:

    Th9 with minimum 20/20 hero's
    Th10 with minimum 30/30 hero's
    Th11 with minimum 40/40/5 hero's
    Th12 with minimum 50/50/20 hero's

    We constantly war, are very organised and have a fantastic war record as a result.


    - Clan games always completed
    - No donation ratios / requirements
    - Decent sized wars (25v25 to 40v40)
    - Siege machines for war
    - Tough bases for friendly challenges
    - Excellent War Log (currently public for viewing)

    Only apply if you are NOT rushed and have maxed the previous townhall (including walls).

    If you think you're up to the challenge of competing against the best clashers be sure to check the website for the final rule check and apply!

    Apply using the clan tag #8UQR8JRO

    Or through our discord server


    Clan Level: 16
    Clan Wins: 464
    Clan Name: 24-7 Clash
    Clan Profile: #8UQR8JRO

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