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Thread: Any guesses for Sunday (and Monday) sneak peeks?

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    I personally do not care for the feature, but can see the point. it is a compromise between those who wanted online status to show and those who do not. If you see that there are no one else online, you may not want to put those items in your shop. If half of your hood mates are on, then you might. Me, do not care one way or the other. But a good thought out compromise

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    Thank you for your very kind words and encouragement, Steve.

    Thank you, everyone who has commented on my vent, for your understanding and sharing of perspectives. I wish it was easier for me to just let go and not care... but much of my real life is lived in a glass house of sorts that I have very little control over. It is just one of my quirks to remain incognito online as much as possible.

    I will see how it goes for the next month - to see how my nh does with it, see how my anxiety does, and see what the forum response is. I hope that SC will reverse it or make it optional for leaders to choose to show or hide.

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