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Thread: who else like being a whale?

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    Waitaminute... am I doing Legend players a solid by destroying 35% of their base while using my entire army or am I annoying them?

    (I'm at 4950 or so..)

    I would love just to hit 35% of my base. All my storages on easy to get so as long as I get a shield and even if itís a +0 trophy gain for me. It saves the -59 for a 3*

    At 5799

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    Losing resources on defence has always been pretty irrelevant so donít care how much a person gets. And with 5 defences permanently upgrading I donít worry about getting tripled at all either. Only in Titans so trophy losses also have no meaning.

    Often giving up 600/600/5k+ in loot.
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    Uhh I believe this thread constitutes “fat shaming” in today’s over sensitive world and is thus reported...

    /sarcasm font
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    Im stuck in 5900-6010 for the past two weeks... Gain the 10-20 cups for the guard and shield and give away +50 sucks

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