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Thread: First thing you do in clash after you wake up

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    1. Cry at all the trophies and loot I have lost
    2. Get mad
    3. Go on a looting spree

    Just kidding

    Usually go visit the builder base on each account and set the clock tower going
    Journey begun May 2017. Into my second year now.... Account 1 Account 2

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    go raiding straight away

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    We dont have to agree on anything to be kind to one another
    Fill any requests, send a hi and good morning message with hugs to the clan, check upgrade requirements in the two recent town hall upgrades.

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    My Clash life can be pretty well summed up in this video....

    I just hope my daughter will forgive me one day!
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    1) count the number of siege requests and hope I donít run out of fingers

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