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Thread: inactive clan leader

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    inactive clan leader

    When a clan leader stops playing coc he doesn't always (I belive this acually happens quite often ) make another member the new leader before deleting the game.

    So why not intruducing a way for co-leaders to elect a new leader, if the old one has been inactive for like half a year? (You can argue about how long it should take before that becomes possible, because someone can always re-install the game, but having a leader that has been inactive for more than a year can be extremely anoying and you can't do anything about it.)

    Such a function MAY require a co-leader minimum, because if there are just 2, one can always promote a 2nd account and than elect himself, but that would probably be controversial, because not every clan has like 5+ co-leaders.

    The election could be done like that:
    - when a l. (I probably wrote "leader" so often already, that you don't want to read the word anymore so I'll just write l. and co. from now on.) has been inactive for x days a button will apper in the change clan menu that says "elect a new l."
    - to make sure the co.s notice that a clan-message will be send automaticly
    - a co. can press that button and a big ! will appear above every co.s clan castle
    - next to "request troop" will be a glowing "leader election" where co.s can select any elder or co. to be the new l.
    - There will be enough time (like 2 weeks) to vote, so that if a co is e.g. on vaccation and has terrible internet there, he would still be able to take part. It won't be infinite though because you can't gurantee that no co. has deleted the game durring the time l. was inactive.
    - After the time is over the member with the most votes (obviously) will become the new l. and the former one will be a co.
    - if there is a draw, the old l. will stay and you have to start another election (there could be a cooldown but I don't belive thats nessesary)
    - if there were 6+ votes but the highest candidate has just 2 it should count as draw (in my opinion)

    Do you agree or is there a flaw in this system?

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    I think an easier and less time-consuming solution would be to leave your clan and start a new one. You could also contact support to have leadership transferred, but that's only if the Leader has been inactive for 180 days, and even then, it's transferred to the longest serving Co-leader anyway.

    I can understand wanting leadership if your clan is high level and you don't want to give it up, but if it's not high level (say less than LV 5), it isn't too difficult to level it right back up.

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    Leave your clan with a bunch of your clan members and start a new one. Nothing you can do about an inactive clan leader unless you can contact her or him outside of the game.

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    I appreciate your idea. I personally suffer like same situation. Our leader is not active for more than six months. We can handle the Clan without him. But problem is different. We have some Co leaders too who also stop playing for long time. So, their bases are unnecessarily blocking the space as only Leader can kick them. Apart form the situation, new members are always curious why Leader is not active. Is there any other alternative?

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