Nurd Murkers is a U.S. based level 14 Clan with over 350 wins. Ė Apply at #LCGVLGP

Everyone is welcome but we have a few rules:

We will donate CC troops to you but if you have a lower level town please donít donate back until you have level 4 Wizards, Giants and equivalent troops.
You should speak English well enough to discuss War and Raiding tactics.
We war 3 times a week at approximately 10:00 PM Eastern time. (3:00 GMT, 2:00 GMT March through October)
You can war as soon as you have level 2 dragons. Please opt out if you canít attack or are upgrading Heroes. You are expected to use both attacks if you are in a war.
Participation in Clan Games is mandatory.
Join our discord server to apply:

Our clan is a great place for experienced players. We win most of our wars and donate liberally when you want to raid. Please donate as much as you receive.

We are also a great place for new players. No donations needed and we will donate so that you can raid.

See you in the next war!