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Thread: Silican Defense - A Farming + War Base

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    Silican Defense - A True Hybrid Base

    Silican Defence
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    This is a self designed base with both structure, defense, and loot in mind.
    It was primarily designed against ground troops, but also does great against air raids too.
    The base perform well in both farming and war, an almost anti 3 star base.
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    The Base structure is designed so that at least 3 or 4 buildings are accessible to an enemy unit when it is placed anywhere on the map.
    There are 8 individual sections which slow down the progress of enemy troops.

    When troops break through the center, they will be stuck in the middle, allowing almost every other standing defense unit to attack the troops. The center is accessible by almost every other building and contains the most traps, effectively making it a "kill zone" and preventing a 3 star.

    Please give me your feedback on this!
    On a second note, I have no idea how to properly upload images.
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