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Thread: Lobster pool event IS USELESS.......

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    Lobster pool event IS USELESS.......

    Has anyone figured out the logic behind the lobster pool event? Why speed up the time in the pool yet leave the time to catch the lobster the same? The first batch of lobsters get done in 4 hrs but you still have to wait 6 hrs to catch the next batch. So your pool sits empty for two hrs. SO WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE EVENT? WHAT AM I MISSING?

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    Yeah right I agree with you. Lobster pool event should be paired with lobster catch event. This way I can manage to make lobster traps days ahead before event so I will catch more lobsters during the event.

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    I don’t get it either. But with the fishing area there is a lot I don’t get. My guess is to make a bunch of traps beforehand and lay them all out before the event.

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