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Thread: About the obstacles in Builder Base......

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    About the obstacles in Builder Base......

    I'm just curious so here it is:

    1. What is the maximum number of obstacles that we can keep in the Builder Base?(the trees,grooves,etc.)
    2. Are they affected by the number of the tall grass in the base?
    3. Are they also affected by any other things?(please cite it if there's anything)

    Thanks in advace.

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    I’m fairly sure that you can only have 2 groves on the map at once. Aside from that I don’t know but am also interested to find out. Maybe someone could stop removing BB obstacles and see when they stop spawning?

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    7 stones
    1 trunk
    1 tree stump
    8 small tree2
    2 tree2
    3 big tree2
    2 groves
    1 Old Barbarian Statue

    25 obstacles. It's been a while since I removed any obstacles, so I assume that the maximum number of obstacles is .. 25

    edit: oh .. and 25 squares of Tall Grass, per Barbarian Statue.

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    But if you play the Builder Base for the first time, the number of pre-spawned obstacle is 40+(hard to count lol) but I doubt if it should be a basis for the obstacle number limit in the BB.

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    I have 7 groves. I haven't removed any (except for ones in the middle of the base where I needed to for space) and so that's how I have 7!
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    If you like gems, you should regularly remove your builder base obstacles. You'll generate more gems that way than through your gem mine.

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