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Thread: With the up coming updates

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    With the up coming updates

    Please remember that things usually don’t 100% run smoothly right after the update especially the 1st derby or so after the new update. It takes time to get all the kinks worked out and to plan accordingly lol. Also, instead of moaning and groaning about why “you” didn’t get x,y, and z in this latest update, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be in any of the other ones in the future. What I’m trying to say is don’t freak out if things mess up or things don’t go “your” way. It’ll get better and to have fun and relax. It’s a game that people work hard on for our enjoyment and at the end of the day they are human just like you and I
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    Negativity reflects frustration?

    I have been noticing what I perceive to be increasing negativity on the forum -- not just criticism of game features (which I think is fine), but sniping at each other's posts, including even rudeness by moderators. It's becoming commonplace to read accusations of "rudeness" on many threads.

    So what's happening? I tend to think most of the forum participants are higher level players. I come on to learn from them since they are very generous with advice and pointers for game playing ...

    But I wonder if all this negativity reflects a basic and increasing frustration among higher level players that no new game-playing feature has been rolled out by SC in a looong time. If that's the case -- and I strongly suspect that it is -- then SC should really take note. Adding a power derby is fine, but the game clearly needs a new challenge an order of magnitude larger than that. Without introduction of a new creative feature that adds another level of strategizing, each update will be met with similar disappointment.

    Until / unless SC adds a whole new gameplaying feature to engage higher level players, I foresee the griping will continue on this forum because this forum is populated by exactly the subgroup of players who are getting bored with the game. That's a real shame, I think. Ultimately, of course, these higher level players will just stop playing -- and then all this griping will be followed by a big silence.
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    Spot on I think PittyPoo, I believe your assessment is very perceptive.

    Although it’s a generalization, a lot of senior forumers are expressing frustration exactly as you say. A lot of those expressing update delight are relatively new forumers, so possibly still new to the game and not yet getting bored with the existing gameplay. I know a number of senior players who have simply got bored and given up or switched to a different farming game, and a number of others seriously contemplating doing the same.

    Personally I have invested 4 years of great effort and emotion, (and some real money) into building friendships and a large a successful hood, that features high on the global leaderboard. Obviously our chosen style of play is highly competitive, and if the next derby is screwed up by post update glitches, it is a big frustrating issue for us. I realise most people don’t derby that competitively, or at all in many cases, but for the 30 players in my hood it is the most important aspect of the game. So just chilling out and relaxing if it all goes pear shaped isn’t really on our agenda.
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