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Thread: Ability to store Animal housing that has no animal?

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    Ability to store Animal housing that has no animal?

    I feel this should already be a feature but its not so here I am. Allow me to express how awesome this suggestion sounds! Being able to store them means that we can easily buy it when we have sufficient coins and then store it to take out and use it whenever we get the Animal using vouchers. Imagine the space it will save some of us especially when were not using it yet or bought it by accident! Let me know your thoughts. Do you disagree? I'll tell you one thing it would definitely benefit me. (Same for the animal pens. Perhaps we might not have enough to buy the last set of goats yet)
    Thanks for taking the time read my idea!

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    Does nobody else have an unused animal house?

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    Not I. Have you bought a house and neglected to buy the associated animal(s)?

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