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Thread: Sign up to supercell in hayday

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    Sign up to supercell in hayday

    When i choose sign up in hay day on My ipad.
    Enter My mail adress 2 times
    I get the message.
    Som thing went wrong.
    I have tryed the last week severql times.
    Hope you can help.
    The app is update, i have internet Connection and the mail is right.

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    Sign up? Maybe you already have the SCID. Try to log in instead? Remember if you ever received the ID activation code?

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    I get same message when i try to login.
    I am also quit sure that there is no supercell id to that email adress.
    It is a gmail but that shouldent be a problem or is it?

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    I had the same problem when I tried to register, the problem was solved if I changed language in HayDay to English.

    If you have set any other language, try change it when you register. It can be set to your own language when the registering is done.

    Good Luck


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