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Thread: Suply and Demand

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    Suply and Demand

    Why is the demand for buttured popcorn, fish n chips, blue wooly hats, and cookies low?

    Itís been a while since the fall derby and ever since the Fall derby, nobody wants to trade their bems for these specific items.
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    People dont often trade these products cause these are usually easy to make they rather spend their bems for rare goodies which are difficult to make. Hope that answered your question!

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    I don't remember ever making one buttered popcorn, choco popcorn, wooly hats, any sweater or shirt or the chaparreras. Too easy to find in the rss.
    Also, you might want to install Kik and try using it for trading.
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    Too many bouquets!

    The only thing that everyone is selling is those flower bouquets. Where are the tomatoes? Bacon? I have been looking for tomatoes for two days.....

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    SC, please do a Rustic Bouquet purge! Or a downriver event. Or a truck asking for 1000 rustic bouquets. Or a town visitor asking for 500 rustic bouquets.
    My DD has 53 total ads running when I open it. Just did 3 in a row and counted the number of rustic bouquets. 30, 33 and 34 of the 53 ads.

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