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    Kicking lower players?

    I'm the leader of a "new" clan (lvl 4 clan rebuilding a few days ago), and we currently have 42/50 players. The goal is eventually to get to a clan that is mostly th 6-12, focusing on war, etc... As of now, we've got a wide spread of players - not that they're bad - in fact, some of them are very active and helpful.

    This is not of the immediate concern, as there are still a lot of potentially-inactive players I can kick - eventually, when we reach the point where the clan is full of decent players of wide spread, how do I "cull" from the clan the lower TH bunch and kick them? Should I even consider the possibilty? Kicking people recklessly is an obviously bad idea, and is very discouraging...

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    There are a lot of factors to consider when evaluating a player and I think where your clan is level 4 and rebuilding you should think really hard before kicking someone just for their Townhall level.

    For a long time, I preferred to recruit lower-level players, because we could help them to learn-and-grow and play in a way that was more in line with our style, whereas higher-level players could often come with a lot of preconceived notions and be less resistant to change. Also Clan Wars tend to live and die by the top of the war map, so we could give lower-level players more more time to improve whereas higher-level players really need to come fully assembled.

    However, as more townhall levels were introduced and as our team has become more TH12-oriented, I tend to recruit more higher-level players than lower, and our minimum level has been raised higher. It's quite possible when you grow, you could need to shift your focus, too, but I think you probably have a while before you get there, so I wouldn't worry too much about what you'll do down-the-road. If the biggest issue is figuring out which of your many talented players to keep and which to reluctantly let go, you can count yourself fortunate and you should probably consider a second clan.

    For now when looking for good teammates, I'd focus on more important things than townhall level like player activity, compatability, teamsmanship, continued progress, game skill, and how much/little work they add to your running the clan. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    i cull inactives and/or donation-less accounts, i.e accounts that appear inactive.

    i will also kick people who repeatedly don't follow war plan or ignore clan mails.

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    Great advice Sharky...
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