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Thread: Peaceful Meadow - Now recruiting

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    Peaceful Meadow - Now recruiting

    Hey folks! akelabear here.

    Peaceful Meadow is a very active level 9 clan full of friendly and active members.
    We mostly hail from the US, but we have members from all over Europe and asia too.

    We accept any and all members:
    All ages.
    International players from all walks of life.
    Any TH level.

    We have high-level members who may help out those who need help.
    We always max out clan games.
    We have regular wars (3 per week minimum).

    We are NOT:
    An aggressive trophy pushing clan, although we will help you.
    A request-and-leave clan.
    A free co or elder clan.

    Our rules:
    1. Converse in English only.
    2. Behave and be mature.
    3. No picky requests unless it is for war.
    4. No misdonating to war requests.
    5. Must lose the 'new' tag before joining us in wars.
    6. Use both war attacks.
    7. Follow the war strategy in the clan mail unless told otherwise by a co-leader.
    8. Minimum donations and receptions per season: 150.

    Elder is earned through 6 new stars in 1 war.

    Join us here - Peaceful Meadow #GPV89OCC or, if we're full, comment here and I'll see what I can do

    We hope to hear from you soon!
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