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Thread: AUSSIE FARM #GLYP9L0 Looking for farmers!

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    AUSSIE FARM #GLYP9L0 Looking for farmers!

    Looking for farmers level 80+ who loves being helpful and compete in derbies!! English speaking!! 310+ We are fun and full of banter. see you there!!

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    bump bump up you go!

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    bump bump bump!

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    Bump! Still interested! Apply to us before next derby starts!!

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    Bump Bump!
    Mystery Derby is the best come join now! 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE!!

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    I saw your post in NH questions. Followed to here.
    This post is missing info.

    Do you upgrade to Eldar immediately, do you keep building and land tools in NH... Do you have a KIK page, or FB messenger page, do you aim for top 3...are you all Australian?

    Just a few questions I have.
    I'm not happy with my current NH, and am looking.

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