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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
    Few days is nothing in nh recruitment. It can take several weeks to get a new player especially one that fits.
    Yep, that‘s my experience as well.
    I‘ve even seen recruitment ads that copied parts of mine. They must be very desperate

    Good luck, Sunny!

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    I find it comes in spurts. Thereís a lot of competition out there. I have recruited here, on Facebook, and on Instagram. And definitely use the new tags. I logged on today and we lost a few players then as suddenly as they left we doubled the number that left! I had to put my setting at invite only so no more could join. Hopefully this will last a while. The turnover in the game is crazy! Good luck, by the way give it time... a few days isnít long. Iím sure your people will find you!

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