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    Cool Sneak Peek #4: New Farm Visitor Event!

    This one is something so many of you have been asking for! A new farm visitor event, where the visitors will buy (pre-selected) decorations you may want to get rid of!

    This should help you clean up your store of excessive amounts of certain decorations. Note: Visitors will only ask for decorations from a pool of decorations, and the pool is pre-selected by team Hay Day. So in other words, things like paths, fences etc. will most probably never be in the pool. Who would get rid of such precious decorations...

    Hope you enjoy! Soon...


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    For all the latest info on Sneak Peek #4 be sure to check out this video!
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    I need more explanation on this.

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    Are they still gonna ask for my wheat?
    Are they gonna ask for 75% off what I bought it for?
    If I paid diamonds on it are they gonna ask diamonds for it?
    Same goes with vouchers.
    So Many Questions!!!

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    Lol. They won't ask for diamonds. Maybe they will bid you diamonds. My expectation is that diamond bought deco's won't be asked.
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    Oh goody, maybe I can get rid of all those silly instruments.

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    Iím thinking the decos they are going to ask for are the ones that you got free anyways from spinning the wheel or the gift catalog. Why would they ask for diamond purchased decos?... get smart people

    Although I would like to be able to trade decos with friends. I still think they need a trade only box for your rss or request mailbox where you can select the friend and item you want to trade with and which item you are asking for. Then your friend can either accept or reject your trade request.

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    At last I can clear out some of the rubbish. It is indicated that it is an event, so only every now and again
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