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    I think swapping or trading would have been more fun.

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    Sounds like another good ideal. I’m glad you have never been limited as to how many decorations we can store. Thanks hayday

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    I have a suspicion that deco we have took up the game memory, so the more deco we have the slower the game is (unless you upgrade your device off course). Therefore being able to sell excessive deco is very much welcomed. Thanks SC!
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    Not too excited about this. I was hoping to sell and buy deco via the RSS. If this works the same way as our regular farm visitor events, I fear I could accidentally hit the sell button when I’m trying to hit the button for the visitor to go away. I’ll be really upset if I lose a good deco item because of that.

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    So....we'll be able to occasionally sell only the items you select and then only when you want to offer to buy it. Nothing to players in general, nothing between hoodies, nothing when a player is looking for extra coin at a specific point in time..... Just another category for the visitors to occasionally ask for. Wow!

    Is the development staff seriously high fiving themselves over this update?

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    I am disappointed... Thought we could sell them in our shops

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    I would say it is the musical instruments, banners, and things I don't use. What I wish they would do is put a search on the sale ad catalog. That way you don't have to spend so much time looking for what you need. That would be great.
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    Hay Day Sneak Peek 4 Video

    Enjoy the Visitor Event and sell your unwanted Decoration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GULS View Post
    I am disappointed... Thought we could sell them in our shops
    Boy would we ever come to regret wanting this if they did THAT.

    Pages and pages and PAGES filled with musical instruments and other things nobody's buying. Fun!

    Nah, I'm cool with this being the way they're doing it! Wonder what we'll get for them!
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    I would rather sell in my deco in RSS Vs. Selling items to those harrasing visitors and only at special events.... How about giving us option to turn those little harrasers off ?

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